Allow Custom Links/Icons in Organization Dashboard [FEAT -1242]

In the Global Primary Navigation, our Dashboard includes links Home, Sites, Team, Autopilot, Edge, Support, Upstream and Settings. That’s great, but we have a other integrated services it would be helpful to be able to include. We pipe the Faslty logs to Papertrail. We register sites for accessibility scans in an Equalify instance. It really seems like Team and Upstream could move under settings freeing up screen real estate for more useful links for organization/enterprise customers.

Hey @kevin.reynen! Thank you for sharing this :slight_smile: I think this is really fabulous feedback & definitely something I know the team would be interested in hearing. That said I am tagging @kristi.whitman on this! She is a Growth Designer here at Pantheon & has certainly had a hand in the Dashboard.

I realize this is an edge case that likely only applies to enterprise customers, but it could be as easy as letting us select a Font Awesome icon and add a link. This allows us to leverage Pantheon as the “one stop shop” for access website information… at least for our PHP based sites and (possibility) decoupled sites using a PHP backend. Much easier that having to keep the URLs for the different services we’re integrating with Pantheon somewhere else and having to tell site owners/builders that they go here for X and then here for Y.

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Ahhh interesting edge case, but I am picking up what you’re putting down Kevin! I am getting ready to submit this FEAT card today. But I am also tagging @mike.becker on this since he is one of our awesome Product Designers. :eyes: